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Athletic Training: Behind the Scenes with Ryan Lochte

Swimming - Upper Body

Maybe we are a bit biased, but this is the coolest video we've seen in a while. Not only does it feature Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, but he is using the SCIFIT PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser.

This really isn't surprising in a sport like swimming where upper body is king. In fact, it makes perfect sense to use the PRO1 to strengthen and condition shoulders, arms, chest and upper back. That's why we make it.

We are also not surprised to see our products being used by elite athletes. Our products are tough and durable, just like the athletes who use them. No, we are not surprised, but we are more than a little flattered.

Want to know the best part? Ryan Lochte is not a paid spokesperson for SCIFIT, neither is the University of Florida. Why do they use it? Well, we can't say for sure, but we are guessing it has a lot to do with results...and gold medals.

Click here to see the video.

Video Source: BBC Sport
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