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SCIFIT Community: When the Going Gets (Tulsa) Tough

Posted by Tracy Barrett on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 14:06 PM
SCIFIT CEO, Larry Born, logged over 3,000 miles of training since January 1st in preparation for the Tulsa Tough cycling event earlier this month. His training was composed of long rides, heat acclimation, climbing and teamwork. It also included many miles of interval training on the SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Bike. Larry's goal:  Finish the Mondo Fondo 127 mile bike race in under six hours and take home the commemorative jersey.

SCIFIT Community

For those not familiar with the conditions for a Tulsa bike race in June, I have three words:  hot, humid and hilly (this race included 4,000 feet of climbing). Larry was going at a good pace but he started cramping at 85 miles and had to drop off from the group. This cost him more time than he had to spare and without his team, he ended up finishing with a time of 6:25 (still pretty impressive in my book).

Tulsa Tough Cycling Event

Others fared a little better. Twelve of Larry's sixteen teammates finished in under six hours. The professional team that Larry hosted at his home, Team Jamis/Sutter Home Professional Cycling, won the Saturday race and placed one of their riders in the top five of the final point standings.

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Larry may not have achieved his goal for this race, but he has not lost his winning spirit. "There's always next year," he says with a smile. Larry's next challenge is the Triple Bypass, a 120 mile race in Colorado in July. Good luck Larry!

Tulsa Tough Cycling Event

P.S. - These incredible photos are courtesy of our very own Corey Disler, VP Sales. Thanks Corey!

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